What does this Tarot card say about you?

“We were about as compatible as a rat and a boa constrictor.” 
- Stevie Nicks


The History Behind the
Three of Swords Ring

The Heart is a seat of warmth, affection, and spirit that is forever vulnerable to the powers that would bring harm, pain, and suffering. The Three of Swords depicts a suffering that is meant to make us stronger. It can be a signal that it's time to let go and look forward, toward the life you have ahead.


Cartomancers, or card readers, have long existed to help interpret the divine information held in the card spread. But did you know that modern tarot originated as a game? For a detailed history on tarot cards, click here. While many are divided over whether tarot and astrology are pseudosciences, practitioners and followers of the tarot can't deny they personally find truth in the cards.


Whether simply offering the individual an insight into their own subconscious, or finding meaning filled with spirituality and divinity, tarot is here to stay. Tarot and astrology provide the individual with feedback on their own character and private desires. The Three of Swords happens to be a very powerful card. Click here for an in-depth analysis.


It is wise to forever remain curious and questioning. Do you believe in tarot? What have you learned from the guidance in your spread? Did it feel like you learned something new about yourself? Would you do it again?

Paying homage to the most iconic card in your tarot deck, featuring a hand carved floating heart pierced by three intersecting swords.

Photos of Maria Amaro wearing our Three of Swords ring.




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For the Tenderhearts

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