The Serpent & The Arrow: a History of these Ancient Symbols

The History Behind the Design
~The Serpent & The Arrow~ 



"Every great story seems to begin with a snake."
- Nicholas Cage


Two iconic symbols from human history converge in LHN Jewelry's newest design featuring a serpent twining along a downward pointed arrow.

In the design of this necklace, the arrow indicates the self. The serpent represents transformation. Together, these symbols represent the strength of will, and the history of humankind's tenacity, persistence, and forward moving progress. 

Follow your bliss. Let it lead you. Believe in yourself. You have the power to transform.

The Serpent

The serpent is one of the oldest mythological symbols across all cultures and continents. Snakes represent the duality of good and evil, but also of creation and transformation. Serpents were worshipped for their mysticism in the mythologies of countless cultures, including Mayan, Ancient Egyptian, Australian Aborigines, and Native American tribes, just to name a few. The list goes on.

The Arrow

This article traces the unique history of the arrow now thought to be the most universally known symbol. In 1972, NASA asked astronomer Carl Sagan to develop a message to extraterrestrial life, just in case "contact" ever occurred in their mission to Jupiter.

What did Carl Sagan select in the variety of iconography? An arrow, extending from Earth, and pointing to the Pioneer 10 spacecraft. Carl Sagan recognized the universality of the arrow, that even ETs would understand - this strange spacecraft came from this tiny blue planet. 

The arrow, as its most simplest definition, signifies the self's direction, force, movement, and power. 

How we make our hand crafted jewelry...

Firstly sketches are made of the design, then the design is hand carved into wax and then we make a mold of the original design from silicon. We then use the traditional Lost Wax Casting process to make each charm at our foundry here in New York City.

~Lost Wax Casting~

Lost-wax casting is a process for creating designs in a variety of metals (such as Gold, Sterling Silver, Brass, or Bronze) by casting an original model. It is a jewelry-making technique dating back 6,000 years, but is also used across many industries.



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