Tiki Culture in Americana


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Aloha friends! Join us on the lanai, we're sipping Mai Tais. We've got upbeat tunes playing on the jukebox, sarong hips swaying like the waves, and fresh leis to adorn your neck. 

Designed to transport you to an island in the South Seas, the Americanized Tiki culture is a blended cocktail of multiple countries, mythologies, foods, and styles. Not just Hawaii, but also Maori, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino. Tiki fuses island life and traditions to create an aesthetic that has lasted since the 1930s. 


The tiki style we know today mixes Polynesian pop with rockabilly Americana and features an overwhelming nostalgia for post-WWII America. It's not actually a nostalgia for island life and vacations on pristine beaches as that's way more common in our day than it was in the 1930s. Rather, this tiki style is a longing to restore that tiki bar in our grandparents' basement, with their relics of island ephemera, jars full of matchbooks, shelves lined with shot glasses, and carved masks with curious faces. Tiki culture is forever linked to our vision of paradise. 




Tiki symbols became representations of Polynesian life, Hawaiian traditions, and the mythological nature of life in the South Pacific. Popularized by American servicemen in the years after WWII, these images and symbols became an aesthetic in Western pop culture. Our handcrafted Tiki Collection pays homage to the rich history of the Polynesian people and the modern Tiki Culture.

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