The heart wants what the heart wants...


"The heart wants what it wants, or else it does not care," - Emily Dickinson 

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The history of the human heart as a recognizable symbol can be traced back to the earliest days of humankind - to the last Ice Age, in fact. Used in pictograms for millennia before becoming a universal symbol, the heart became representative of life and morality for the Ancient Egyptians, the center of the Soul for the Ancient Greeks, and the most vital organ of life to the Ancient Romans.

The Oldest Depicition of the Sacred Heart & The History of the Heart

But it was not until the Sacred Heart gained popularity during the Middle Ages that the symbol we know today became seared in our collective memories. 


Leonardo DaVinci's Elegant Studies of the Human Heart  

And then it wasn't until the 16th and 17th centuries that we developed an understanding of the anatomical and scientifically studied human heart. DaVinci was a few hundred years ahead of his time, but humans are finally starting to grasp the magnitude of this fist-shaped organ. With the war-time advances in medicine during World War II, we ultimately gained control over matters of the heart. Well, to some degree.

Many LHN Jewelry pieces have been inspired by classic war-time tattoos and there is no doubt that Americana pop culture went wild for MOM permanently emblazoned across a rudimentary heart shape, or a “sweetheart” tattoo for one’s beloved. But the more serious Anatomical Heart illustration inspired us to design these new jewelry pieces. We see a truly crystal clear expression of profound love. A seriousness. One that tugs at the very heartstrings. With the added complexity of a meticulously detailed functioning heart, the wearer boldly expresses that this love is like no other, and without it you'd simply perish.

There lies the inspiration for our two latest designs, the one-of-a-kind Anatomical Heart Necklace and Blood Stone Ring

LHN Jewelry features countless designs from the history books, and an abundance of heart motif pieces - from pierced hearts to flaming hearts to the pictographs influenced by 15th century English & French Poesy rings. Explore our Sentiment Collection for more!



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