The Pharaoh's Horses...a New Design and its Influence

✨ Hand crafted in New York City, made from Gold, Silver & Diamonds 

"Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in us."
Virginia Woolf


Introducing our newest ring design, Wild Horses, hand crafted in New York City, made from Gold, Silver & Diamonds and inspired by the timeless symbolism of Pharaoh's Horses. With glowing diamond eyes, our newest ring features three beasts running wild and free. Set in a sterling silver ring, the gold face features hand engraved designs of wind-blown manes as the trio of horses race across the plains. The unforgettable glimmer and shine of three set diamonds make this ring a complement to any gentleman's style, and for every occasion. 


Pharoah's Horses, courtesy of Tattoo Lore

This particular style was influenced by the Pharaohs Horse Tattoo, which has a rich history. 
Originally depicted in a painting by British artist John Frederick Herring Sr., these majestic Arabian horses symbolize power, nobility, and the rich history of ancient Egypt.

Arabian horses, renowned for their speed and endurance, were prized companions of Egyptian pharaohs, embodying traits of strength and agility. The painting, created in 1870, portrays the horses in full gallop against a dramatic backdrop, capturing the essence of their grace and power.

Pharoah's Horse Tattoo, photo courtesy of Good Ole Times Tattoo.


The evolution of the Pharaoh's Horses tattoo design traces back to the early 20th century when tattoo pioneer Gus Wagner immortalized it on skin. Over time, this design became a favorite among tattoo enthusiasts, symbolizing strength, freedom, and the eternal cycle of life. Interpreted differently by each individual, the Pharaoh's Horses tattoo design serves as a timeless reminder to embrace the present while honoring the past and embracing the future.


From its inception to modern interpretations, the Pharaoh's Horses design has retained its iconic composition, standing as a testament to its enduring beauty and symbolism. 

Now, you can wear these powerful beasts everyday as a reminder of your strength. 



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