Vintage Class: The Rocco Ring

The Rocco Ring is a hand-carved throwback to vintage collegiate rings in true Americana style. Class rings date back 180 years to West Point, but rings that signify affiliation and fellowship are ancient in design and have never gone out of style. A bold smokey quartz gemstone is head of the class, set in a large silver ring flanked by timeless floral patterns. Meant to be worn daily and passed on for generations, our Rocco Ring is an heirloom in a class of its own.
Marlon Brando, seen above in a 1953 interview where he delved deeply into his love of drumming (a true life's passion) is sporting a class ring and simple chain ID bracelet while air drumming for the journalist. From his torn T-shirt and jeans you can tell that worn up or down, the class ring is a bold statement piece.
Synonymous with a classic, gentlemen's style, class rings were worn to identify oneself with their affiliations. Began in 1835 at West Point, the class ring ceremony is still an honored one. The tradition spread to Ivy League universities before finally becoming a common celebration in high schools and colleges around the country.
Like any culture, small etiquettes formed, such as traditionally wearing your class ring opposite your wedding ring, or angling the crest toward your heart to show your dedication. or how about being a Ringknocker? A signal of status to any other graduates in the vicinity by gently rapping their ring against the table. Today, we see championship rings as identifiers of the pride and position of esteemed sportsmanship. A ring can be the bearer of family, career, association, and social identify. It's important! 
Jewelry has always been about personal expression, and LHN Jewelry takes it a step further by celebrating historical aspects of jewelry design. These compositions never go out of style, and are handcrafted with an heirloom quality. 
Like any great legacy, these rings are meant to last for generations. 

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