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The Scorpion is a powerful symbol of death, but also of determination and striking forward, not letting anything hold you back.


The symbol of the Scorpion has a striking history. From the ancient myths of a bygone era to the tattoo shops of recent generations, the Scorpion has always represented the solitary and predatory creature famed and feared for its stinger and potent venom. As a mythic creature, Scorpions have come to represent on the one hand fear, danger, and death, but on the other hand, strength, independence, and protection. 

This ferocious creature became a constant in tattoo shops the world over, adorning the bodies of those who wished to present an image of toughness and  independence. To this day, in the American Traditional style of tattooing, the Scorpion is a staple in flash designs. One of the earliest artists of note was Filipino-born Tino “Rosie” Camanga who ran one of the two tattoo shops on Oahu in the 1960s alongside Sailor Jerry. His flash sheet of Scorpion designs inspired our new Scorpion ring from the jeweler's bench here at LHN Jewelry. 

This powerful creature, so small and so mighty, has inspired our creation myths for millenia. In Ancient Egyptian mythology we meet the Goddess Serqet who protects the visceral bodies of the dead and accompanies them to the afterlife. In Greek mythology, Zeus raised Orion and the Scorpion to the sky to serve as a reminder for mortals to curb their excessive pride as Orion boasted he would kill every animal on Earth. We have long stared at these ancient warriors in the night sky. 

Many cultures believe in the healing properties of the Scorpion - for anything using such a fatal blow for hunting is also using it for protection and defense. The Scorpion came to represent safeguarding, as even the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Serqet was known as a protective goddess, equally punishing with the venom and protecting with the venoms' antidote.

While the Scorpion lives on every continent aside from Antarctica, and only about 25 of the 1,500 known species can deliver stings that are fatal to humans, its reputation has become one synonymous with death and danger. But we encourage you to see it for what it is - a proud and powerful creature. Our new Scorpion signet ring is meant to be worn for protection. 

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