Swallow Ring


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Swallow Ring

The Swallow was an image traditionally used in Sailor tattoos, it was a symbol used historically by sailors to show off their sailing experience. According to legend - If a Sailor had sailed over 5,000 nautical miles on the high seas, he would be deemed to have earned the right to have a Swallow Tattoo, for 10,000 nautical miles a second Swallow Tattoo would be added. Legend has it that since swallows return to the same location every year to nest, the Swallow will guarantee the sailor a save returns home.  Another Legend says that if tragedy struck and the Sailor would fall over board and drown, that the Swallows would lift his soul to heaven...

Engraved by hand, with the Swallow on the face and side detail with a classical paisley pattern, reminiscent of the period.


The face of the ring is brass and the ring itself is solid silver. 


The face of the ring is 1 inch x 3/4 inch. The ring is available in Size 8 - 12, however if another Size is required please contact us. 

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