Pierced Heart Signet Ring


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Pierced Heart Signet Ring

This signet ring depicts two crossed arrows piercing through a bleeding heart.

The ancient "wounded heart" symbol indicates love or love wanting. It is said that it came to be depicted this way because Cupid's arrows were shot into the heart.

The ring is entirely hand carved and there for has an ancient quality to it. As it is hand crafted in the same manner that jewelry makers have used for thousand of years, the design is trying to capture a relic of from a more romantic age.

Signet rings carry a history that goes back thousands of years to a time when a signet bore the mark of authority or conveyed status and was used in place of a handwritten signature. Today, a signet ring still conveys a symbol of uniqueness.

The face is aprox 1/2 x 1/4 inch in dimension.

It is available in solid brass or silver.

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