Hold Fast Anchor Ring


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Hold Fast Anchor Ring


Without gripping the ropes tightly, a sailor could quickly be swept overboard by wind or wave. This ring reminds you to HOLD FAST, to stay vigilant and steadfast come what may. 

Sailors tattooed "HOLD FAST" across their knuckles to remember always to stay strong, stay on top of your game. Today this phrase still serves as a reminder to hang in there, even through life's tougher times. 

The anchor holds a ship even in the stormiest of weather, and the symbol is ancient in its representation of hope, calm, and composure. As a reminder of what you protect, at the center of the anchor is held a heart.

The face measures approximately 1/4 x 1/4 inch. Available in Solid Brass, Sterling Silver, or 10 Karat Gold.