Coat of Arms Souvenir Ring


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Coat of Arms Souvenir Ring

Every family deserves a Coat of Arms, and this classically styled design is inspired by old heraldry with an Eagle's head set above a shield. The side accents of the Fleur-De-Lis are stylized French lilies, a classic adornment for this grand ring.

History of the Mexican Biker Ring

Known as a Mexican Biker Ring or Souvenir Ring, these rings were popular after the Mexican Civil War when the currency plummeted and the Peso was almost valueless. Jewelers melted the coins down and crafted rings that tourists from America would buy as souvenirs. Biker gangs in border towns would buy these rings in lieu of the illegal Knuckle Dusters aka brass knuckles. These souvenir rings became a legendary style.

Available in Solid Brass + Sterling Silver