Fellowship Souvenir Ring


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Fellowship Souvenir Ring

Across all cultures, we greet each other differently. But all greetings are meant to indicate something important: we come in peace. Originating as a gesture that demonstrates you hold no weapon, there are endless variations on how humans meet and greet, going all the way back to the caveman. The symbol of a sun rising over this peaceful shake is also greeted by flowers to further adorn your outstretched, friendly hand.

History of the Mexican Biker Ring

Known as a Mexican Biker Ring or Souvenir Ring, these rings were popular after the Mexican Civil War when the currency plummeted and the Peso was almost valueless. Jewelers melted the coins down and crafted rings that tourists from America would buy as souvenirs. Biker gangs in border towns would buy these rings in lieu of the illegal Knuckle Dusters aka brass knuckles. These souvenir rings became a legendary style.

Made of Solid Brass + Sterling Silver