All Seeing Eye Souvenir Ring


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All Seeing Eye Souvenir Ring


The All Seeing Eye is an ancient symbol which invokes protection, wisdom, and the divine. The Eye has been revered by various ancient civilizations and has mysterious roots steeped in occultism and ancient wisdom.

History of the Mexican Biker Ring

This style of ring is historically known as a Mexican Biker Ring or Souvenir Ring. Similar types of rings were popular after the Mexican Civil War when the currency plummeted and the Peso was almost valueless. Jewelers melted the Peso coins down and crafted rings that tourists from America would buy as souvenirs. Biker gangs in border towns would buy these rings in lieu of the illegal Knuckle Dusters aka brass knuckles. The original souvenir rings from Mexico became legendary and this All Seeing Eye Ring is our unique take on this iconic style Ring.

This ring is large with a nice weight to it. The face and side accents are made from Brass and the ring body is made of Solid Silver. The face is approximately 1 inch x 3/4 inch.

Made From Sterling Silver and Brass