Pierced Heart Signet Ring


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Pierced Heart Signet Ring

The Wounded Heart is an ancient image that symbolizes love lost, love won, and love wanting. Based on the tales of Cupid and his bow, this signet ring is hand engraved and features two crossed arrows piercing through a bleeding heart. Using jewelry making techniques that date back thousands of years, this ring is handcrafted to capture the look and feel of a romantic age. This ring is a classical relic of romance and adorns everybody.

Signet rings carry a history that goes back thousands of years to a time when a signet bore the mark of authority or conveyed status and was used in place of a handwritten signature. Today, a signet ring still conveys a symbol of uniqueness.

Ring face measures approximately 1/2 x 1/4 inch.

Available in Solid Brass + Sterling Silver