Odd Fellows Comb


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Odd Fellows Comb

For the Gentleman who not only takes care of his hair but enjoys to do it with style.

Heavily ornate this old fashioned comb has hand engraved patterns and scroll engraved on one side. New York City is engraved on the other side of the comb to signify where it was made - this used to be a common practice of makers.

 The comb is easy to use and effective - we advise to wash and dry the comb in water after use. 

The comb is is made from solid nickel. A great gift for a guy or gal.

LHN Jewelry Is Dedicated To Designing Hand Crafted, Artful Pieces Of Jewelry And Accessories. The Designs Are Inspired By Antiquity And Historic Artifacts. All The Pieces Are Proudly Made By Hand In Brooklyn, New York.