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The Four Virtues of a Stoic

The Stoics, a school of philosophy from the 3rd century BC, believe in human virtue, and as a compass guides you, so do the Four Virtues: courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom. 

Now you can pass down these Stoic virtues for generations to come with the Four Virtues Pendant. 


The Four Virtues Pendant design is customized for The Daily Stoic using imagery and symbolism to represent the virtues: a lion (Courage), a jug of wine being poured out (Temperance), a set of scales (Justice), and an owl (Wisdom). We hand engraved "ACTA NON VERBA" on the back, which translates to "Actions, not words."


The mixed-metal pendants are handmade using the ancient processes of carving into the wax and casting into brass and sterling silver and then sawing, engraving, hammering & soldering the metals with precision and care. 

Each pendant comes with a 24" sterling silver chain and is handcrafted using traditional techniques and only the finest materials.

* * *

Stoicism teaches fortitude and self-control, developed as a means to overcome destructive emotions that plague humanity. The philosophy holds that becoming a clear and unbiased thinker allows one to understand the universe and live a virtuous life. 

The Daily Stoic customized pendant by LHN Jewelry


Like the Cardinal directions, the four main points on the compass—north, south, east, west—the four virtues are a kind of compass. A guide to what to do, who to be, how to behave, how to respond in every situation—with:

Courage, bravery, fortitude, honor, sacrifice...

Temperance, self-control, moderation, composure, balance...

Justice, fairness, service, fellowship, goodness, kindness...

Wisdom, knowledge, education, truth, self-reflection, serenity...

This creation was made to last for generations. 

Stoicism is a philosophy to live by - and this pendant acts as a compass. 




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