The All Seeing Eye

From time immemorial, the All Seeing Eye has looked compassionately upon humanity. This ancient symbol has held the hearts of millions by invoking protection, wisdom, and the divine forces around us. Bygone civilizations, mysterious roots, occultism, and ancient wisdom - the legacy of the All Seeing Eye can be carried with you always. 

Rays of divine light bursting from the eye is a familiar image - from the one dollar bill, to the Eye of Horus on the walls of Egyptian tombs, to ancient Hinduism and the third eye of Shiva. The eye represents Divine Providence and was an early symbol within Christianity, also becoming an important icon appearing in religious artwork to represent God, and to signify that believers are protected. In the modern peoples of the West, the eyes are a window to the soul. Looking someone directly in the eye gives a sense of honesty. It is customary. Conversely, staring is often rude or warrants receiving the sign of the evil eye. We know that from psychics to psychiatrists, the eye represents truth and protection.

We have sought this divine intervention, this guidance, for millennia. One wears this classic LHN Jewelry interpretation of the All Seeing Eye to invoke protection and prosperity.

Click here to read more about the amazing history of the Eye of Providence.

Our modern interpretations are inspired by the mysterious eye of old Masonic and Odd Fellows Folk Art, and the ever-present, always-constant eye that manifests a bit differently from continent to continent. Awash in conspiracy theories, this lasting symbol has been revisited by LHN Jewelry and set into stylish and meaningful jewelry. 
Handcrafted in gold, silver, and brass, these creations are meant to last generations, becoming heirlooms in their own right. 
All Seeing Eye Souvenir Necklace
All Seeing Eye Souvenir Ring

Small All Seeing Eye Ring
All Seeing Eye Necklace
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