One of a Kind: Scottish Graveyards, Intaglio, & Metalsmithing



This is our most meaningful collection to date, inspired by a visit to Scottish cemeteries filled with gravestones engraved with bold symbolism and a rich history. 


Greyfriars Kirkyard is the graveyard surrounding Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh, Scotland, taking its name from the grey habits of the friars that were part of the friary that dissolved in 1560.

It is a moody place. Amazing to explore. Throughout the graveyard, I saw endless symbols engraved on headstones and mausoleums. I was inspired by the symbolism that has survived all of human history - the skull, the hourglass, the flaming heart. 


I was inspired to create some special pieces of jewelry using the intaglio style of engraving and fine metals and gemstones. Each singular design of the One of a Kind collection is filled with meaning and symbolism. Of all the jewelry pieces designed and created in over twenty years, these are the most finely crafted.

Every stone has a story ready to be carved from it. From the shield shaped Scottish banded Agate cut in the Victorian era, to the ancient art of intaglio gem carving that dates back to the seventh millennium, to the Greco-Roman obsession with Carnelian stones endowed with the power to ward off the evil eye. 

Our process, our inspiration, it all celebrates antiquity and those that first forged precious metals and carved their visions into stone. 

We hope you enjoy this special collection.

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